Fishing Leech Lake

Agency Bay Lodge is a fishing resort and we think you’ll find a taste of our knowledge and passion for fishing from the information below. No matter the fishing conditions, you will find that the staff of Agency Bay Lodge is ALWAYS dedicated to helping you catch fish.

Leech Lake

Leech Lake is Minnesota’s third largest lake, and one of the lakes the Minnesota DNR qualifies as a “top 10” lake in the state, in terms of fisheries management for angling experience.

The Minnesota DNR has drafted a specific management plan for Leech Lake that includes stocking, habitat protection, and continued support for cormorant control. This, combined with the natural makeup and fertility of the lake, provides one of the best inland fishing waters in North America.

Leech Lake’s 112,000 acres offers consistent angling opportunity for walleye, musky, northern pike, perch, and largemouth bass. Smallmouth bass populations are also increasing year over year, and panfish can be readily abundant.

Leech Lake Fish Info

Agency Bay Lodge Docks

Often overlooked is the quality of fishing off the docks. Panfish use the cover of the docks and boat lifts throughout the summer, and this can be fun to bring kids out and let them catch some fish. We do ask for “catch and release” fishing on our docks for these panfish, as visitors throughout the summer can enjoy this experience.

If you’re wanting to fish at night, fishing with live bait under a lighted slip bobber or throwing crankbaits can produce walleye. Even though our beach is a shallow grade, after dark the walleyes will move in shallow to chase perch, panfish, and minnows. Catch and keep is allowed for this, although we do ask to practice “selective harvest”.